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A Slice of Tradition: Can You Cut Your Wedding Cake with a Sword?


The moment arrives—the culmination of months of planning, anticipation, and excitement. It’s time to cut the wedding cake, a symbol of unity and shared joy. But wait, have you ever considered cutting the cake with a sword? It’s not just the stuff of fairy tales or medieval fantasies; cutting a wedding cake with a sword has become a unique and memorable trend, possibly aided in part by the Royal wedding, where Meghan and Harry used a sword to cut their non traditional, and trend setting wedding cake. In this post, we’ll explore the tradition, the art, and the legality of cutting your wedding cake with a sword.

  • The Art of cutting the cake:

    Cutting the wedding cake is a timeless tradition that symbolizes the couple’s first task together as a married couple. Traditionally, the bride and groom cut the first slice together, showcasing teamwork and their commitment to sharing responsibilities in their new life together. The act is often accompanied by cheers, applause, and sometimes, the all-important moment of feeding each other a bite of cake, symbolizing the promise of nourishment and care.

    However, in recent times, couples have sought unique ways to put their personal stamp on this tradition. Enter the wedding sword—a novel and daring choice that adds an element of excitement and drama to the cake-cutting ceremony.

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The Art of Cutting the Cake with a Sword

Cutting a wedding cake with a sword is a statement, a nod to chivalry and grandeur. Couples who choose this unconventional route often invest in beautifully crafted ceremonial swords that complement the theme of their wedding. Here are a few tips for successfully wielding a sword on your wedding day:

  • Choose the Right Sword:

Invest in a ceremonial sword that is both stunning and safe. Many couples opt for ornate replicas, often engraved with meaningful symbols or the couple’s initials.

  • Practice Makes Perfect:

Before the big day, have a practice run with your chosen sword. Familiarize yourself with its weight and balance to ensure a smooth and confident cake-cutting moment.

  • Coordinate with Your Cake Designer:

Inform your cake designer of your plan to use a sword. They can create a cake that accommodates the sword’s size and weight, ensuring a seamless and photo-worthy experience.

  •  Leave enough space.

Cutting your cake with a sword takes up more space than cutting with a cake knife.  Make sure your cake is positioned with enough space to do this without being cramped. For more considerations on showcasing your wedding cake to the best effect, have a look at my blog:

What to Say When Cutting a Wedding Cake

Whether you choose a conventional knife or a majestic sword, the moment of cutting the wedding cake is accompanied by cheers, laughter, and the collective gaze of your guests. Here are a few delightful phrases to consider saying when cutting the cake:

  • Traditional Toast:

 “To love, laughter, and a lifetime of sweetness together!”

  • Celebratory Cheers:

 “Here’s to us, to love, and to a lifetime of beautiful moments!”

  • Humorous Touch:

 “May our life be as sweet as this cake, and may I never lose at rock-paper-scissors again!”

  • Sentimental Reflection:

“As we cut this cake, let it symbolize the start of a beautiful journey filled with love, joy, and endless layers of happiness.”

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Is Cutting a Cake with a Sword Illegal?

While cutting a wedding cake with a sword may seem like an adventurous and romantic idea, it’s essential to consider the legal aspects. The legality of using a sword to cut a cake varies depending on the jurisdiction and the venue. Here are some considerations:

  • Venue Regulations:

 Check with your wedding venue to ensure they allow the use of swords. Some venues may have specific rules or restrictions for safety and liability reasons.

  •  Local Laws:

Research local laws regarding the use of weapons, even ceremonial ones, in public spaces. It’s crucial to comply with regulations to avoid any legal issues on your special day.

  • Communication with Authorities:

If you have your heart set on a sword for the cake cutting, communicate with local authorities or law enforcement to obtain any necessary permits or permissions.

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Cutting your wedding cake with a sword is a bold and memorable choice that adds flair to a timeless tradition. The artistry, the thrill, and the carefully chosen words during this moment contribute to the unique narrative of your special day. However, it’s crucial to balance creativity with practicality, ensuring that your chosen method aligns with both your vision and local regulations. So, if you’re contemplating the majestic act of cutting your wedding cake with a sword, make sure to do so with grace, style, and awareness of the legal landscape surrounding this daring and delightful tradition.

With thanks to Erin at Birch House Bakery and Lisa at CakeToGo for the use of their photos and Claire at  Girl and Glass for the amazing photo of the cake by Caritas Cake Design

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