Do you cater for gluten free guests?

I can make your cake with gluten free flour, but as I do not have a dedicated gluten free kitchen and may well be baking cakes with gluten based ingredients I cannot guarantee there will be non cross contamination, therefore I cannot guarantee my cakes will be gluten free.

Can you offer nut free?

As nut traces are almost impossible to remove completely and many of my flavours contain nuts, I cannot offer nut free products.

Do you offer dairy free and vegan?

I do not offer dairy free and vegan cakes currently.

Do you deliver?

Yes I deliver and set up all wedding cakes personally on the day of the wedding.

Where do you deliver to?

I deliver all over Sussex and its borders, Hampshire, Surrey and Kent.

Do you cater to the LGBTQ+ community?

Yes absolutely! I celebrate all love equally.

Do you have a dedicated cake kitchen or shop?

I have a purpose built kitchen which is separate from the home so I can keep your cake safe and in pristine condition until delivery. It is not a shop however, and viewing and consultations are booked strictly by appointment.

Can I choose what fresh flowers are put on my cake?

Yes, but only to a degree. Many popular fresh flower choices are toxic, and cannot safely be dressed onto your cake without running the risk of giving contaminated food to your guests. I will work with your florist to find food safe blooms, to compliment your other floral arrangements as best possible. Sugar flowers avoid this problem as almost any bloom can be made from sugar and safely dressed onto your cake.

Can you colour match my cake to my decor or clothing of choice?

If you send me a colour swatch or photo of your desired shade, I will do my best to replicate it as best possible. Please bear in mind though, that many fabrics have a sheen that is impossible to replicate, and making as a flat colour may affect the tonal nature of the colour.

Will you decorate a cake someone else has made?

As the cake supplier, anything that comes out of my kitchen needs to be guaranteed fresh, made with the highest standards of hygiene as recognised by the local health authority, and with a traceable supplier list in order to be deemed completely safe to serve to your guests. Whilst I would be able to decorate a cake that was made by another local established cake supplier for example, I am not able to decorate cakes made by a friend or family member who does not comply to the above standards.

The flavour I’d like isn’t on your list of flavour options. Can you make it?

Many other flavours can be made on request. Some cakes aren’t suitable to decorate in the same way, so there are still limitations, but do get in touch if there is a specific one you’d like, and I’ll do my best to make it happen.

Do you still have questions?