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elevate your wedding reception with these easy and elegant cake display ideas

Your wedding cake is likely the most expensive and elaborate cake you’ll ever have.  You’ll have spent months discussing designs and choosing flavours. Only for your cake to be delivered beautiful and fresh on the day, and tucked ‘safely’ away in a corner. But its got a big black control panel for the lights behind it. This is where it stays, and your wedding photos pay the price. Follow my steps below to make sure you showcase your wedding cake in the best way. Make your centrepiece the talking point it deserves to be.

  • Step 1: Don’t tuck your cake safely into the corner.

    Your lovely cake is a focal point of your wedding. In a corner no one is going to appreciate it, perhaps even notice it until its time to cut it.  Highlight your wedding cake by situating it in a prominent place. If you can, place it so your guests can see it as they enter the room. If the architecture of the room lends itself to a natural focal point such as arched windows or a pretty alcove, this may be perfect to naturally draw the eye to it. 

  • Leave enough space

    Whilst your cake doesn’t take up much room by itself, by the time you come to cut it, there will be the two of you, your photographer, and all your guests huddled around you to get a photo. This will take up a lot of space. With you both in front of it, no one is going to get a good photo, unless they want one of your backs.


Bring the cake out into the room a little, and leave space to either the side or at the back for you both to stand. This allows your guests and photographer to get a lovely snap of your faces with the cake. Take your time with it. Lots of folk will want a photo of this moment, so go slow so everyone can have their chance with the camera. For more tips and tricks on how to conduct your cake cutting ceremony like a pro, see my blog post:


Blush pink and white rustic wedding cake with dried and sugar flowers in archway window Sussex

step 2: is it in the best place?

Most venues have a designated spot for the cake ceremony to take place.  When you are viewing your venue, ask where this is if it isn’t obvious when you’re looking around.  Keep an eye out for fire extinguishers, exit signs, plug sockets full of black plugs and cables, or anything else in the background that might spoil your photos. Don’t be afraid to ask if there is another location for your cake if you aren’t happy with their designated area.    

Step 3: don’t lurk in the shadows

How is the lighting? The best photos are taken with natural lighting, so if you can, choose a spot with good natural light. Word of warning though, make sure the sun isn’t going to creep around the corner and start to melt your cake half way through the afternoon! Ask where the sun hits, and avoid these spots at all costs.

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step 4: do you have the best table for the style of cake you’ve chosen?

Consider the cake table itself. Is it proportional to the cake? Are you are having a single main cake rather than a dessert table or cupcake display which takes up more space? Is the table is an appropriate size? Many village halls or smaller venues offer long canteen style tables, which dressed with pretty place settings may look perfect, but might be a bit overkill for a wedding cake. If there is little other option then consider using flowers or other props around the cake to ‘bulk’ out the display, so you don’t have lots of empty space.

step 5: cake stands. are they essential?


Level up your cake. What will your cake be sitting on? Whilst it’s not essential to use a cake stand, your centrepiece will definitely be elevated, quite literally, by using one. There are many options available, and many venues offer one as part of their wedding package for you to use.  More often than not, these tend to be quite classic, silver stands, which look lovely with many cake styles. However,  if your cake is a bit more sculptural or modern, you may find that a tall pedestal, or more contemporary stand may suit better.

Your cake maker may well have ideas on the best stand for you, and many even hire theirs out, I know I do. Consider using plinths to dress your cake onto which can be stand alone, or grouped with others to create a gorgeous display.  Alternatively,  depending on the size of your cake, you could use a dresser, a writing desk, or any other furniture in place of a traditional table for an alternative look.

Styled cake table surrounded with fresh flowers. Cake stand plinth. Cake meadow. Sugar flowers on the cake. Monogrammed wedding cake. Bridgerton style wedding Sussex

step 6: dress your table

Think about what else you could use to make the cake area ‘pop’.  Candles, draped silks, a little sign expressing your chosen cake flavours. Even a repurposed floral arrangement from your ceremony can be moved to your cake table to compliment your cake. Keep practicalities in mind, however. Think about where you are going to stand to cut your cake.  You don’t want to be knocking over vases of flowers or setting your cuffs on fire as you cut!



Silver birch effect wedding cake with gold mushrooms and sugar flowers Sussex

I hope this offers a few tips you find useful to showcase your wedding cake.  To find out more about wedding cakes and look at more designs for inspiration please follow the link below.