My journey as a cake maker in Sussex


Hi! I’m Carity, but everyone calls me Carrie.

Carity is derived from the Latin word Caritas, which roughly translates to ‘love’.


The company name draws on my original roots, the truest form of myself, and reflects the love I have for what I do, and the feelings behind many of the big occasions I help people celebrate. Weddings, christenings, and celebrating the day of birth for a loved one. They are all because of love. All steeped in CARITAS.

Close up of sugar flowers for a blush and sage green wedding cake Sussex
Five tier dusky blue and gold wedding cake Sussex

I have always loved baking, and often made cakes and treats for friends and family. When we moved to West Sussex shortly before my second son was born, I had just left a job working in boys’ grammar school where I was involved in every school play, musical, show and artistic exhibit the students put together.

It was a very creative role, and I absolutely loved it! Now with two small children underfoot, the opportunities to be creative had suddenly dwindled so I started baking cakes for my church group, playing around with flavours, decorating and design ideas. My creative side had an outlet again, and it wasn’t long before I was passionate about cake design and making cakes for customers.

That was nine years ago, and my passion for cake design has taken me amazing places and allowed me to work with some incredible people, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I love nature and everything in it. My absolute favourite thing in life is to smell the flowers before I see them and I spend a lot of time looking up unknown bits of botany on countryside walks. This passion for flowers and plant life frequently makes its way into my designs. It is also the reason I am so passionate about preserving our environment and reducing the footprint of my business.

I carefully select ingredients to ensure as little harm is done to people and animals as possible, including using only free range eggs and fairtrade ingredients where I can.

I am continually striving to improve my processes and packaging to reduce my reliance on plastics, carbon and water.

I actively support local businesses and where possible use local suppliers for my ingredients and materials, as well as advertising and non food related needs. I also encourage others to ‘buy local’.

detail of dusky pink wedding cake sugar flowers rustic wedding cake Sussex
Four tier wedding cake with sugar and dried flowers in blush and ivory Sussex

Facts about me…


I have a degree in Art for Public Space and Psychology.

I spent nine years working in a jewellers, specialising in engagement and wedding rings, and high end watch brands.

My favourite thing to do is going for a walk surrounded by nature.

I like the quiet life, away from the spotlight. I will always opt for listening, and making others felt heard over a big group chat, too much gets missed, and it’s the details that matter to me.


Do we have anything in common? I’d love to see how working together on your wedding cake can reflect your passions too. Tell me what matters most to you when you get in touch.

So why me?


What can I offer you besides a passion for what I do?

There are so many cake designs out there, and it can be overwhelming to think about where to start. Together we will cut through all the options, discussing practical choices, display, and talking about the ideas you’ve had so far.

Scrolling through millions of ideas on a Google search to find the perfect cake isn’t going to work, because whatever you look at will have been someone else’s cake. We will make YOUR cake together.

Transparent pricing is a must for me as I know it can be very frustrating to discover what you thought you were getting is actually going to cost more later.

With me there are no hidden costs, and if it looks like a decision may change your quote, I will let you know as early as I can.

There is already so much to organise for a wedding, I take as much stress as I can from you, and personally deliver it, arranging all allergen and paperwork with your venue in advance and deal direct with any of your relevant suppliers so you don’t need to act as the ‘middle man’.

Spring wedding cake with spring sugar flowers, painted wraps and gold details Sussex
Table set up for a rustic wedding Sussex. Dusky pink wedding cake with sugar flowers

I understand plans change. Your colour scheme may need to change for a variety of reasons, the flowers you wanted may not be available or you may reduce or increase guest numbers.

Built into one of my many contingency plans is the option of one complete redesign if needed. Smaller tweaks can be made as we go along, but if we need to start again from scratch, then we can.

I am available, as a single point of contact throughout the whole process. It’s me who will be baking your cake. I’ll be talking to the venue, planner, and florist. I’ll be executing the final design. I’ll be setting your cake up on the day. If you need to ask me anything at any point, I’ll be here making sure we have everything covered and reducing as much onus on you as I possibly can.

Above all, I’ve got you covered. If anything were to go wrong my end, if I was to fall ill or am unable to make your cake when it comes time for any reason, I have spent a lot of time and energy in forging strong connections with some of the highest quality, like minded cake designers across Sussex. We have each other’s backs and will never allow a couple to be without a cake on the day. Rest assured though, I will always make your cake if I am at all able to do so.

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Kind Words


“I have never been at a wedding where so many people were talking about the cake and how delicious it was!

Carrie did an absolutely amazing job with our wedding cake it looked stunning and more importantly tasted absolutely delicious!

We had struggled to find someone to do a traditional fruit cake and having asked Carrie for a mix of sponge and fruit cake tiers I can confirm that both were absolutely sensational and highly recommended!”

Alice & Michael

Bright colour wedding cake sugar flowers Sussex detail

Are you ready to get started?

If you like the sound of the way I work with my couples and you think we’ve got a lot in common, let’s take it to the next stage and chat about your wedding cake ideas. I’d love to hear about what you have in mind.